martes, 3 de febrero de 2015



Last week a special visitor came to our school. His name is Justin Beaver. Noooo girls, I am sorry... it isn't Justin Bieber!! It's Justin BEAVER, pay attention to spelling... ;-)

         Justin Beaver.???     
  No, please, our Justin Beaver is a real beaver, an adorable animal that lives in the rivers of the USA. Here he is, helloooo Justin!!!

Justin lived in New York City and came to our town after his friend Verónica, our speaking assistant, who is also from the Big Apple.
Once here he fell in love with the forests and rivers in Asturias, and he decided to stay with us for the school year.
So this small pet has become the symbol of the Bilingual Section and thanks to his visit, we are going to learn a lot of things about the USA and its lifestyle, while he helps us practise our English.
We are really happy that he came and we want to learn all about his adventures in the Natural Paradise and around the world.
In the following posts, you will get to know him a bit better. 
Stay tuned for more information!!

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