lunes, 18 de mayo de 2015


In our intention to weave relations with other schools around us, and looking for opportunities where our students can speak English and use the language to comunicate with others, we have organised this activity with the teachers and students at IES Jerónimo González.

Students in the 3rd year from the Bilingual Section at both schools visited each other and showed their guests around, explaining about the studies, facilities, activites and other curiosities about our schools. Everything in English of course!

After that, in El Entrego we played a Human Bingo, which encouraged the students to mix freely and break the ice. And we finished in the playground with a Running Dictation, a fun activity that gets students up and moving while they practise all four skills and have a good time working together.
In Sama, we did a Quiz and then our assistant Verónica prepared a Jeopardy game, which the students played in teams, showing their knowledge of American culture with great enthusiasm.
Well done guys, it's been a pleasure working with you, we hope to meet again soon!!

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