martes, 9 de junio de 2015


On 20th May we celebrated Anglo-American Day in our High School.

Our American language assistant Verónica, and British Sonia Taylor, assistant at IES Sánchez Lastra, were the protagonists and true souls of this special day, full of activities that gave the students the opportunity to compare British and American language and culture.  

After a Welcome Talk, we shared a hilarious masterclass in which the assistants brushed up on our knowledge of geography, history, food, sports, festivals and much more ... with a small competition at the end :-)

Then, we moved on to the different workshops where students could explore British/American maps, deconstruct stereotypes, learn vocabulary differences in meaning and spelling, compare accents and  enjoy a small exhibition of realia from the USA and the UK. 

After that, it was the time for music: Sonia and Vero taught the students from different groups how to dance a choreography for an American and a British song. They which later performed in front of their mates, making everybody laugh and have a good time.

And last but not least... we had a potluck party where we could taste the delicious American and British dishes that our students and their families had cooked, following the recipes given by their English teachers. Thank you all for your collaboration, everything was so tasty!

 All in all, a great day to remember. 

Have a look at the photographs, what's your favorite moment?

Anglo American Day 1 on PhotoPeach
Anglo American Day - Workshop 2 on PhotoPeach Anglo American Day 3 on PhotoPeach

4 comentarios:

  1. Hi I'm Saray Miguel from 2ºA. My favourite activity was the potluck party because we tasted many different dishes that were made for students and their families. I cooked brownies and my mother helped me, we took pictures while we were cooking and it was very funny.

  2. Hi I'm Illán from 2ºA.My favourite activity was the dance.Veronica helped us to dance the Cha Cha Slide song,a famous song in the USA.It was very easy and we had a lot of fun.

  3. Hi I´m David from 2ª year. Sonia Taylor visited us and she told us many fatcs about British and American food, landscape, politics, geography,...She explained it very welland she was a funny girl. We spent a good time with her.

  4. Hi I´m Maya from 2ºA. My favourite activity was the potluck party. All the food was delicious. I cooked an american cake and my mother helped me.