martes, 7 de marzo de 2017


Students and teachers of the Bilingual Program at IES Virgen de Covadonga  carried out different acctivities and projects to conmmemorate the International Women's Day 2017.

First, team of teachers organised a contest to design and create our own LOGO to celebrate this important date in our High School.

Many students,  from the Bilingual Program or not,  took part in the contest using their creativity and different software and digital devices to design and create their logos.

The name of the High School and a slogan or quote related to the matter were required to participate in the contest.

These are the Logos the students designed... Thanks all of them  for participating!!!!

1º and 2º ESO:

 3º, PMAR and Bachillerato:


The winner of the contest is PAULA ROMERO LOMBARDÍA, from 3º ESO A. This logo became a sticker which students delivered during the break time, so that all the school community had their sticker to commermorate this day. Happy International Women's day!

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